There are times when we feel gripped by the darker human emotions: fear, anxiety, grief, loneliness, anger, sadness, depression, or even despair. When we can’t shake off these feelings, we may experience a “dark night of the soul” where our spiritual resources fail us.

For some, this is experienced as the emptiness of God’s withdrawal; others may feel deeply affected by circumstances in our lives or in our world. While darkness can be a deep wellspring of creativity and growth, it is challenging when we are in the midst.

This page is a place for members to unburden our hearts anonymously and share with others.

Please treat one another’s concerns with kindness and respect. Thank you.


Darkness ... is also part of my journey as a human being.
When darkness surrounds me, I am lost in a sea of confusion.
And I am so far gone into darkness that
I cannot see the Light.
And yet I know that Light is always shining within...and
this powerful thought is what keeps me trying over and over !


Darkness ... The invisible you touch .....
Light ... The visible you see ....