Easter Considerations

Ron Friedman

Christmas is a festival about the return of the Light, the victory of Light over the Darkness–within Man’s Soul. But Easter, the time of earthly spring, is yet more, for It speaks to the buried knowingness of The Light beyond light, the true meaning of that which cannot be seen but intuited in a form of visualization that apprehends the true nature of Light and what Its symbolic and in part actual meaning is, the immortal and invisible nature of Mankind's Soul and Spirit.

For those whose Sight has started to develop, visible light can no longer be separated from the invisible Light, that is, the Light that Is without any reflection, the pure essence of Light. Such a clue is given through the ineffable mystery of light and its omnipresence, its constancy, and its connection with consciousness, and yet that is only the beginning of what awaits Mankind in future evolution. That is why we feel such significance in the teaching of Christ– “For ye are the Light of the World…”. Omnipresent Light can indeed not be separated now not only from Its higher nature, but its association with Love, that Mystery of our existence, a fundamental Presence of such immense significance that only the awakened Soul can approach the hem of the garment of Its meaning.

And so, the Light that isn’t–invisible Light without reflection, the true nature of light– is the approach to Love, to Creator, and the Soul of the perceiver must be stretched beyond its boundary to take in the feeling-knowing-perception of this immense Truth. 
I feel that this is part of an Easter message for us today. 

In Love, We are One.

Ron Friedman, M.D.
Vistar Foundation