Growing the Garden of Light

As an open-source platform for a diverse community, the site will offer opportunity for spiritual expression, communication among members and resources of interest to the community at large.

HEALING: A resource center for browsing diverse holistic healing modalities and sharing experience.

MUSIC, BOOKS, POETRY, VIDEOS: Pages to post spiritual creations in these various art forms, or links to them.

WISDOM LIBRARY: A compendium of holy books, scripture, teachings and inspirational readings.

BULLETIN BOARD: A place to share happenings of interest to our local and global communities.

CRITICS CORNER: Book, movie, television, theatre, dance, and music reviews, with space for comments.

HUMOR: Yes, spiritual humor!

YOUTH: A place to connect and share, with an up-to-the-minute feel.

SPIRITUALITY AS SERVICE: Shared experiences of love in action.

THE CONSCIOUS MARKETPLACE: Organized similarly to classified ads, these pages will offer paid advertisements for goods and services of particular interest to the community.

GROWING YOUR OWN GARDEN: The site will also include TERMS OF AGREEMENT for those wishing to post and information on how to GROW A GARDEN in local communities.


IN THE FUTURE: Additional live participatory components could be added, such as SERVICES, PRAYER SESSIONS (for personal healing, for large-scale situations needing prayers, for special events), and perhaps a live-chat COUNSELING HOTLINE staffed by a team of volunteers.