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I come from the Greatness
I hold the Greatness
I am the Greatness
I return to the Greatness

                                  -- Bear Walker, Anishanabe medicine man

May the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad; 
In our hearts, through our groups, and throughout the world.


By the majesty of Creation, I call upon the pure elements that make up the All that Is.
Coelesce, Harmonize and Alchemize in perfect Balance.
Returing to the Natural State, there is Grace,
In stillness, planting the seed intention
to attune with this natural process of Magic actualizing itself
through us and all of Nature.
The infinite potential is made manifest through us,
may we be vessels for your Divine Will, Creator.
In immaculate purity, We Are.
We Are the Wholeness, the Allness, the Isness - Embodied.
We Are the aperatures of the Most High, the lens through which God sees.
We Are One. Fractals of one consciousness.
Mirrors of the One experiencing itself through us.
Thy Will Be Done,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
And so It is. We bridge the two
and anchor these Pillars of Light,
As Herolds of a New Age Dawning.
Peace be upon us.


Living in the interplay of Divine Potential,
I awake to the high vibration of faith 
free-flowing through macrocosmic correspondence.
Conscious of who I am, dazzled by what I see,
I bring forth Divine inspiration,
raising my lower self to its highmost.
Choosing Trust over fear, all I do, say and write
casts my vibrational vote of love for Heaven on Earth.
I am emancipated from the fear-filled self
lifting me to a whole new plane of spiritual magnitude
where all is resolved by faithfulness to the truth.

Any abstractions that entered my casual periphery
now reverse themselves through faithful re-alignment
with the stabilizing element of this, my incarnation.
Knowing God as indivisible,
I am at peace with Its multiplicity.
Unobstructed and free from interference,
the battle between the higher and lower energies subside
as the clash of colors return to their perfect blend.

Even in the midst of darkness and doubt,
my faith and trust intensifies, proving God prevails.
Wakefulness, quieting the cacophony of this world,
finds the distortion of longing
replaced by a deep sense of spiritual knowingness.
I find the light, not by turning back from darkness,
but by courageously walking through it.

Faithfully claiming the Divine power I am, 
self-assured of the perfect outcome,
I confidently step into my greatest challenge.
Knowing all the forces of the universe unite
to bring any imbalance to a complete healing.
I trust the shift takes place in my awareness, 
giving my spirit the growth it came here to learn.

No longer deceived by the malleable ways of this world,
my soul's eye becomes faithfully transfixed on God.
I dissolve any fears of folly by refusing to respond
to anything but the deepest and highest.
Grateful to have arrived at the point where I started,
in loving partnership with the Omnipotent,
I know this place for the first time, again and again
with a heart refreshed and renewed and a faith-filled spirit. 
- And so it is!

A Loving Prayer for Peace
by Audri Scott Williams, from the Spiritual Grandmothers of the Four Directions (NOWTIME)

We call upon the powers of the Universe, the great organizing energy of all that ever was, and all that ever shall be, to pour forth into the hearts of humanity.

We pray that each human being awakens to hear their call, to allow that which is coming forward in you to rise to levels of consciousness that will direct your actions in loving and compassionate ways.

We uphold that humanity will not move blindly into the future, rather humanity will embrace the full potential of itself and lift itself to the highest order of its Divinity.

We call forward the Source of ALL (known by many names) and all of the Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Angels to encircle you, to nudge you, to rise with you. A brighter day is possible and we give thanks to you -- to those of you who are rising up to meet the challenges of this time.

We pray for your continued growth and strengthening and we vow our presence in your life as a substance from which you can draw strength, courage and wisdom. May you allow the Divine Source of All Creation to light your path and guide you unencumbered into the mighty future that has been promised.

We vow to be there with you, and we leave you to ponder the possibilities of your future, to take the action that will open the way for a brighter day in your life and in the lives of generations to come.

Dare to be all that you have been placed here to be and to experience. All is possible.

In the midst of great change much is birthed. Remember what is sacred -- and give thanks for all the blessings that are being showered down upon this great planet at this time, this favored place in the eyes of All Creation.


Gracious Light, Shining One,
known in many languages,
by many names and by no name:

We ask that you shine brightly
to support and sustain the Water Protectors
gathered at Standing Rock, who stand
on behalf of all for the sanctity of this sacred Earth;

We ask that you shine brightly
to draw others from far and wide to stand,
in the ways they are uniquely able,
in solidarity with these courageous, committed people;

We ask that you shine brightly
to awaken the hearts
of those bent on building pipelines
that they may be claimed
by deeper, more enduring values
that will help heal and protect the Earth;

We ask that you shine brightly
to illumine an alternative path
that we may all walk together,
finding each other in our shared humanity,
for the good of all life and the future
of our blessed Earth community.

We ask this in all your holy names
and in profound gratitude for the gift of life
and the beauty of this sacred Earth.
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

One People are we,
Though many be our faces.

One Voice have we,
Though many be our expressions.

One Peace seek we,
Though many be our pathways.

One Spirit there be,
Yet indivisible our connections.

God grant the Grace
To see the Light
That ever guides us Home.

God Bless the Love
We share to help
The Lost along the Highways.

Peace upon Peace,
The Countless, Boundless Glory of God.

As our prayers go out to the families of all killed in Paris yesterday, and indeed all the French people, our hearts are broken at the escalation of violence in the world. I shudder at the expected retaliatory response which will unfortunately further compound human misery and suffering. May our kind learn peace before it is too late. May peace prevail on earth.

prayer for infinite healing, refreshment,and recovery for Orlan de Guzman.

Praying for all of the children whose parents cannot take care of them.

I pray that the Light and Love of The Most High guide the surgeons hands on Thursday for VH. Thank You!

I am humbly filled with grace in this expanding moment, and I am so very grateful!

Gracious One, source of life and light, of goodness and joy, fill us this day with deep gratitude for the gift of life and guide us in offering our lives in service to this wondrous and wounded Earth community.

May loving, healing energy flow abundantly and easily to all affected by the natural phenomena in Nepal. May peace prevail on earth.

We are told that time is an illusion,
And that God is a distant mystery.
That love is the absence of fear,
And that all there is is One.
So what is the point?
And why am I here in my separate cocoon?
Maybe it is time to escape this fear-based prison,
And take my assigned seat in the eternal NOW,
In the paradoxical reality of the Singularity,
Known also by the name of God?

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to all human minds.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.
May all those of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of all of us be the keynote at this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.

Asking for healing for those times when the animals of the Earth are treated cruelly and not respected. May man's exploitation of them cease and let them live free and happy lives in their own natural habitats. Protect companion animals from abusive owners and let the animals get to a place of safety and love. Infuse the hearts of those caring for animals in shelters and sanctuaries with love and professionalism and let them be willing to go the extra mile in finding homes for them or getting them back to good homes if they are lost.

Praying for the angels of protection to guard all children of the world against suffering and abuse. Requesting community prayer directed toward the children of the world, and that we may all look for opportunity to intercede on their behalf.

May the Peace that surpasses all understanding surrounds us all !

The coming of the Light

Man is in process of changing
to forms that are not of this world
grows he in time to the formless
a plane on the cycle above
Know ye, ye must become formless
Before you are one with the Light


Found in "The Essenes, children of the Light" from the emerald tablets of Toth, the Atlanthean.

Blessings of Swami Veda Bharati
May an angel lend you his wings and forget
to collect tthem.
May a stream start gushing where you just
stepped on a rock
May a mirage become a real lake when you just
reach the spot.
May the gardens of your chakras always be in
full bloom.
May you recognize the spot where your throne
is buried from a part life.
May you recognize the place where you meditated
in past life and build your meditation hut there again.
May you find the statue you had sculped in past life.
May you visit the haeven to which the souls
of diamonds go when they die on earth.
May your daily bread be made of photon grains and come
wrapped in a foil of aurora borealis.
May aurora give you her shawl.

I'm starting another year this day. I don't understand the specifics here, all of them, but I like what I take as the feeling/sentiment that there is plenty of interest and value just beyond what we can see. This to me is spirit. (I don't know what "the souls of diamonds" are, for example--diamonds are the essence of 'not moving anywhere'? But if Aurora gives you her shawl, you would be covered in light?)

In this year of light may all of us realize that we are light!

Beloved Omnipresent Father. I offer You my eternal gratitude for touching us here, on planet earth so directly with Your Light, Your Peace, Your Compassion, Your Life. Now Your Light is breaking through our mental barriers that our organisations where humanity thinks its highest thoughts start reckognizing it.
How can I thank you for being allowed to live in this era, to be able to bear wittness of this unprecedentet moment in our history?? My heart is bursting with tremendeous joy. Your Light is guiding us on Your path of Light, of Eternal Life. Give us the simplicity that will make our souls the mirror where Your image must be reflected. Grant us the humbleness to follow on Your path towards the Higher realms of your radiant sons and daughters...para sempre
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

My first prayer for the Garden of Light has to be the one I say throughout every day...


In this year of light, 2015, we realize that we are one people with one spirit with so many beautiful names.

May the Beauty and Light of all of us bring Peace to our homes, our Cities, our Nations, our World. May all beings be peaceful, Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

May the in-glowing light of all humanity radiate more consciously throughout this year. May peace prevail on earth.

My prayer for 2015 is that profound cosmic spiritual energy may infuse the "Synthesis Report by the UN Secretary General: The Road to Dignity by 2030, Ending Poverty, Transforming All Lives and Protecting the Planet."
Notice that while the language is secular, the underlying meaning is deeply spiritual.
May it be so.

May we discover creative and effective ways to heal the collective human psyche.

May the prayers inscribed in the Garden of Light heal and uplift all humanity and all life on Earth. May peace prevail on Earth.