We are always open to learning and attaining new levels of understanding. And yet we find that there are many beliefs and values that we share, even though we have embraced them from diverse sources. Some of these beliefs include:

  • We are all in this together
  • God (or whatever one chooses to call the creator energy underlying all manifestation) expresses through/as every person, every living being and everything in creation
  • Divine light shines through everyone
  • Love is both the path and the goal
  • We are part of a living universe
  • We co-create our reality with every thought, feeling, word and action
  • We respect every person, every living being, and the Earth herself
  • Everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student
  • We have the power to heal ourselves and others 
  • Listening, forgiveness and gratitude are the keys to positive relationships
  • First, do no harm; then follow the Golden Rule


Because we care about one another across all boundaries, we believe in social justice, human rights, equal access to the resources that contribute to individual and community thriving, and shared stewardship of the global commons, including clean air, soil and water.

We believe in cooperative, transparent governance at all levels that balances individual freedom with the good of the whole. We turn away from the violence that permeated human history as we build together a culture of peace.