Breadcrumbs to the Other Side

Louise Diamond (note: Louise passed away on May 20, 2015)
When it comes to dying, the trust issues are magnified. In spite of, or because of, our religious or cultural conditioning, can we let go and fall gently into the Great Mystery, trusting it to catch us lovingly?

I am fortunate to be able to answer ‘yes’ to this question, and here are seven reasons why, seven breadcrumbs in my journey to the Other Side:

1 I’ve learned that everything is interconnected, so we are all connected into one great divine One (that some call God by his/her many names).

2 I’ve learned that as a human being, I am a valuable seed of the One seeking to know itself, and that through free choice will and cause and effect I bring that discovered wisdom back to the field of mind, the One.

3 I’ve learned that consciousness continues beyond death (energy only changes form).  If I didn’t know this, I might be afraid to die, as many are, thinking that death means finality when it actually means Infinity.

4 I’ve learned that beyond this world is Clear Light, and that I too am a being of Light, so that ‘going Home’ is an apt metaphor, as once free of this human body I dissolve into that Light and become (remember myself as) one with the One.

5 I’ve learned that that One expresses itself in many forms, and that Love is the cosmic glue that holds it all together, so that transitioning beyond this body means falling into the heart of boundless and eternal Love.

6 I’ve learned that my life has been given to serving the One here on this earth, and that there are many more realms in which I may continue to serve.

I’ve learned that, just as I have many friends and am part of various communities here in this world, so too on the Other Side I have friends from various dimensions waiting, and new communities eager to welcome me.