Rev. Gary Deinstadt

Gary DeinstadtWhat are the most memorable experiences of your life? For me it was when something was suddenly revealed to me. Instantly, I just got it, that “ah-ha” moment! It’s happened in every aspect of my life, the experience of being a child, a son, a student, a teacher, a Dad, a husband, a composer, a musician, a friend etc. One thing I noticed about the “ah-ha” moment is that it always came when I was in pursuit of some one thing or something else. Some paralleled and were reciprocal.  For example, the experience of being a Dad made me a better son. The experience of teaching made me a better student; my understanding of orchestration made be a better pianist, becoming a better person made me a better friend etc. The pattern of my “ah-ha’s” came in my desire to grow and to know, so I decided early on to embark on what I considered the most thrilling and inspiring of all experiences; the personal quest for truth, the endless quest of striving to become God-like through the actual experience of living faith; that living faith which has allowed us all to grasp the reality of the divine presence that lives within our own hearts and minds. I can’t think of anything greater to aspire towards than the reality of becoming a living example of that experiential relationship; a living demonstration of a purposeful life motivated by truth and dominated by love.

I think we’re all hard wired to seek that same enlightenment that Buddha discovered and in our own unique way. It really doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from, what we do professionally, etc., because if you consider that the identity of self and soul is built upon the relationship of a unique God interacting with a unique self, then maybe the most effective way we can contribute and just “be” in the world is also born out of that same uniqueness. How cool is that?? Another unique manifestation of a best self in partnership with God. Doesn't get much better than that!