Discovering Our Higher Light Essence

Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.

The question could be asked: is there an “essence” to the science of Light, or bioluminescence? And if so, how do we attain it? Let us begin by visualizing the emergence of a whole new humanity. We can picture this as a female form coming out of the oceans of Creation, soaring into a vortex, opening to billions and billions of galactic creations. She has light emanating from her entire body. And as we, both male and female minds, witness this event, a shift in our consciousness takes place!

For many generations, the concept of a ‘light body’ was simply philosophical, but now we know through the research of Russian pioneers into information transfer, and the work of the European and North American scientific communities, that there are very important mechanisms that carry the electrical activity of our own body, which is also interconnected with the oscillations of the universe. Russian researchers in the early seventies presented a series of scientific reports based upon the study of the electric properties of the Kirlian field, while recent research from Chicago’s Northwestern University showed that when life begins, a bright flash of light is seen around the early stages of a fertilized egg. Becoming aware that we are swimming in a sea of energy, or light at different frequencies, is part of a new level of awareness within our Cosmic Tree of Life.

It is now being recognized that light associated with consciousness is the basis of creation. It is not only conventional light, but supraluminal light connected with bioluminescence, which allows for the intersecting of many electromagnetic spectrums. We also recognize now that the physical view of matter as the basis of reality, held since Newton's Principia, is beginning to change. Physical matter separate from light is an illusion. Scientists are beginning to recognize that Einstein’s matter-energy construct E=m/c2 works both ways, where matter and energy are interlinked and exchanged.

Moving from matter beings into Light beings, we are moving into the process of Buddhahood, or higher Christhood, as we undergo a quantum change. We have written and illustrated in The Keys of Enoch®, Key 401 that “We are The Light” – which is our original Essence. We, however, can go either way:  we can use light and energy power in science to create death or we can energize that same science to restore humanity into a higher consciousness awareness with the capacity to think, to work, and to create. This can be equated to incorporating a higher nature through the use of new musical harmonics and by putting our mind in sync with or on the same “frequency” as peoples and cultures throughout the world.

As we pass through these pathways of both new knowledge and ancient knowledge, we should also be prepared for the coming of the whole light beings, or Beings of Light. Many are recognizing that a higher evolutionary intelligence that is able to materialize and dematerialize, is already in our midst.

As we expand our image from the matter body, we see the dancing of the light forms in the oceans of other worlds, and our consciousness becomes connected with what we call the higher embodiment of Light, or the Light Body. The directions of North, East, South and West – the separations – are no more, the angelics and the hierarchies of the Higher Evolution are here. We experience their presence. The energy grids of the world come into balance; the new humanity witnesses the birth of a whole seed reborn as a greater star seed intelligence, destined for life with our cosmic cousins who exist within the greater Light. The chakras begin to open as our planetary sphere ascends to take our place in the House of Many Mansions.

In the name of the House of Many Mansions, may we be blessed, may we be quickened and may we be prepared. In the Name of the Eternal Divine Lover may we become One. So, let us now bless all things as we go forth with our Light Body, our body of ascension, and we are led out into all infinite directions by the Divine Dove of Peace.

Amen, Amen, Amen and Amen.
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