On the Edge of the Unknown

Sarah McCrum

There’s a place inside you that dances with the unknown every day. It’s the place that’s alive, wild, awake and knows joy.

There’s another place inside you that’s terrified of the unknown. It’s all about control and it puts up a great pretence that it’s in charge. Of course it’s a lie.

If we were honest we’d admit that we know extraordinarily little, for all our scientific enquiry. We don’t even know for sure what’s going to happen in the next moment. We don’t know how our hair grows, how our heart beats or how we read or write.

The interesting thing is that no one knows, not even if they’ve studied it for years. The most astonishing thing is that we act as if we know a lot.

It becomes a problem when life goes a different way than you expected. That’s when the controller becomes a dictator. It fights against what’s happening as if it has total domination. It’s exhausting and it’s doomed to failure. Nature doesn’t favour tyranny.

It’s more graceful to admit you don’t know and step into the wilderness of who you really are. You’re perfectly designed for being on the edge of the unknown. That’s where you discover presence. It’s where life becomes beautiful.

Here are two videos to help you face the unknown. The first is a 30 minute energy activation (best to listen with your eyes closed). The second is a 20 minute podcast (listen anywhere):