Confessions of a Secret Admirer

I admit it: I have a crush. Yes, he’s tall and handsome, but that’s not what I love about him. What’s really special is that he sees everyone through the eyes of the new consciousness, appreciating each individual for who they are and the gifts they bring. There is no one who doesn’t matter in his eyes, no one to be overlooked, no one whom he does not see as the expression of Divine love. And that’s how I’d like to be.

Namaste HandsWe are all familiar with the Hindu greeting, “Namaste” (or “Namaskar”), spoken with palms together in prayer position at the heart. The term, from ancient Sanskrit, literally means “bowing to you,” but according to Yoga Journal, “The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another.” In other words, the Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you.

In our old way of thinking, we automatically judged people for what they could give to us: as family, friends, teachers, business associates or objects of desire – or I did, anyway. We turned away from people who seemed needy or to have nothing to offer. The new consciousness affirms that we are all in essence expressions of the Divine, joined in an inherent unity with one another in the great cosmic dance of life. Our differences are not to be ranked but celebrated.

And the man I admire? He affirms everyone’s talent. He may disagree, but he never criticizes. He invites everyone into his circle and makes sure to give his attention to anyone who may be on the outside. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we all lived from this generosity of spirit?

All we need to do is become secret admirers. You are probably already a kind person who acknowledges cashiers, waiters and bus drivers with a smile and perhaps a friendly hello. But can you see each person you encounter as an expression of Divine light and love?

I think it’s easier to start with a simple blessing. Whenever I find myself judging someone, especially on their appearance, whether positive or negative, I stop myself and bless that person and their precious human body. It’s become a habit that helps me get past the superficial to recognize everyone’s humanity. This is at least step one.

The next step is to realize that everyone has gifts to offer, a vital personal contribution to the tapestry of our human family. Did you ever notice that when you share an experience with a group of strangers – like a trip or class – you become friendly with them? As we get to know someone, we see more of the richness of their life experience and unique perspective. Whether or not we are drawn to bring them into our sphere, we can see how valuable it is that there are no two of us alike, even identical twins. If we take the time to mine the richness of who they are, there are always treasures to uncover.

The final step is to become like my crush and truly see the Divine expressing through each and every person. Then you, too, may become a secret admirer – of every human being – seeing through the eyes of unconditional love. Would God behave any other way?

Then why stop with fellow humans? Any pet owner will tell us that an animal is not an object, but a being with whom we can communicate, particularly at the level of feelings. And once we begin to see all the beautiful expressions of the Divine, even a blade of grass has its place in the web of life, the wholeness of our living universe.

Once we get past our individual mind filled with opinions, we begin to enter into a deeper relationship with all that is, a communion of being that opens us to a new consciousness leading us toward a very different civilization in harmony with our Earth. Our admiration will no longer be secret but a way of living that is an ongoing hymn of joyful praise. Namaste!

Printed in Light on Light Magazine at, p18