Define God In One Word

August 17, 2015
Carol Kuruvilla, Associate Religion Editor for the Huffington Post

We Asked Our Readers To Define God In One Word. Here's What They Told Us.

What is God in one word?The answer is pretty beautiful.

Earlier this year, HuffPost Religion decided to conduct a little experiment.

We asked our readers to do something humans have been trying to do for centuries -- to define God. The catch? They had to encapsulate all of God in just one word.

It was a challenge, to be sure, but they rose to the task like champions, sending us more than 2,200 responses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We've been combing through these answers for the most popular words, and came up with a list that represents a few different perspectives -- everything from God is "fiction" to God is "faith."

Despite their diverse religious backgrounds, it was pretty clear what word came to mind most often when our readers thought about God:

One Word That Defines God