The Bowl of Light

Bowl of Light

A beautiful Hawaiian story called "The Bowl of Light" reminds us that it's never too late to turn life around and live from light and love.

We are all born with a perfect bowl full of light, a gift from our Aumakua -- Source energy, our Higher Self. This bowl is the vessel of who we are. If we learn to respect and cherish this light and live our lives from love, we can create our highest path on this planet. When our bowl is full of light, there is plenty of love and energy available to fuel and inspire everything we do.

Life and Poor Choices Can Displace the Light

However, if we lose touch with this light and become fearful, judgmental or negative, each time we do so, a stone is added to our bowl, with each stone pushing out some of the light. If we stay in this pattern long enough, our bowl of light can eventually become a bowl full of stones, where no light can shine.

The story offers hope, though; if our bowl ever becomes so full of stones that it feels as though the light has gone from our lives, the Hawaiians teach us that all we must do is simply dump out the bowl. With the stones gone, our vessel can immediately fill up with light once again.

It's Never Too Late

There is an endless supply of Source energy, and we can use our free will at any time to make a positive change. It's never too late to return to the light and live our lives from love. We are that light. All it takes is a shift in perspective, the decision to tip our bowl and release what isn't serving us. Then the light can come flooding back in.