What is Spirituality?

Smita Jayakaar

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Smita JayakarThis quote has fascinated me as much as inspired me to move ahead on my quest for finding a deeper meaning in life. But this is probably one quote that is very hard to relate to.

Why, you may ask? It’s simply because despite so much activity oriented around Spirituality, most of us are struggling for answers to very basic questions like “What is Spirituality?”, “Am I Spiritual?”, “Do I have time to practice Spirituality between my busy schedules?”, “I don’t really pray every day so no chance I can be Spiritual” or “Would people laugh at me if I were to say that I am Spiritual?”

When I began to explore Spirituality, I came across varied definitions and readings on the word “Spirituality”, making my probing mind even more inquisitive. But I was no enlightened preacher who could decipher messages easily so I decided to gather more. Slowly and steadily as I began to read, discuss, confer, argue and analyse, it became clear that there was no right or wrong approach to Spirituality. I also realized that Spirituality was a very broad concept with room for many perspectives.

So I decided to simplify things for myself. I began to work on something termed ‘Applied Spirituality’ – Spirituality that I could practise on a day to day basis and relate to, on ways how I could make Spirituality work for me between my busy shooting schedules and how I could take the help of Spirituality in making my life happier and content, both personally and professionally.

After all my research, study and understanding, I chalked out a few learnings that I would like to share with you:

Spirituality requires no special effort to be understood or practised; it just needs basic belief in one beautiful, inclusive universe.

It is essential to understand that life is not divided into the “spiritual” and “non-spiritual”. Everything in life — all of its moments, events, circumstances, situations, and interactions are part of what “spirituality” is.

Spirituality needs no external changes, either in your surroundings or your lifestyle. You can be spiritual, working in a hectic 8-10 job or even as you sip your favourite wine and whisky. What you need is internal change and a change in perspective.

Spirituality means inculcating the capacity of being and staying you under all circumstances, when in anger, grief, pressure or merriment.

Spirituality can be experienced differently by each individual even in simple everyday activities, whether at office or home.

Spirituality does not need you to necessarily follow any particular routine or schedule like meditating for a certain period or doing daily yoga, though these activities can surely help in pacifying the mind and improving focus.

Spirituality can be experienced even while spending time with your loved ones on an outing or enjoying any form of creative expression.

It is as important to understand that just because you become spiritual, all your problems and woes will not vanish. However, be assured that the change in perspective will help you glide through any life test comfortably.

May 28, 2017