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  Living Light, by Rev. Deborah Moldow
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It is with much delight and the greatest honor that we welcome you—and your beautiful radiant soul—to Light on Light Magazine. No matter where you are along your journey today, whether you have lost your little inner light amid life’s struggles, or are shining your light and Shannon Marie Wintersseeking to further grow and develop in spiritual practices to shine even more brightly, or if you are already letting your inner sun shine radiantly in the world, Light on Light is dedicated to illuminating the light of wisdom and compassion of spiritual practices and inspiring lifestyles for the flourishing of health, mind, and spirit every day, for everyone. Along with Host Editor, Karuna, we welcome you to share your journey, to explore, and to shine with us here.

May your inner light shine brightly along every road you are traveling.

October 9, 2019

I just moved to Mexico. I got the cosmic email about seven months ago and immediately felt strong, clear inner guidance to sell my lovely, comfy home in northern Westchester, get rid of at least half of my possessions (not sure whether I quite accomplished that lofty goal), and find a place to live in a developing country where I don’t speak the language and know only one person. And here I am.

My friends reacted with a combination of horror and admiration for my courage. I think that’s when I began to notice what a major decision I had made. And yet the pull toward this enormous change in my life was greater than the desire to stay cozy in the patterns of my last two decades.

Is change calling you, too?

“Nothing's quite as sure as change,” sang the Mamas and the Papas some 50 years ago. And yet who among us doesn’t resist giving up the comfort and safety of the familiar: our home, our relationships, our daily routine, our favorite foods and entertainment, even that old pair of jeans? With the world around us seeming to spin madly out of control, these attachments serve as anchors, making us feel safely moored to a base.

The pace of change all around us can feel overwhelming these days. We have more technology, more products, and more choices than at any time in history. Just look at the cereal aisle in the supermarket! And yet the pressures of climate change, along with the realization that we are poisoning the air, water and soil that give us life, have begun to awaken us to the fact that a different kind of change is needed: a...

I had an experience with the SUN in 2011 that has shown me that the SUN would never blind us but could enlighten us. Since my experience I have experienced the natural world come ALIVE with me and I play with the rays of the SUN and I know with my interactions with it it relates back. I play with light off of lightbulbs and I can see my insides in my tears while playing with the light rays that I get from light.

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